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Structure of the market and efficiency of pricing

The estimation of presence of the production in a retail network
The competition and its shares
Definition of the optimum price of the goods or service
Audit of the prices and distributions
Sense of the shops

Satisfaction of the consumer

A degree of satisfaction of the consumer by the goods or service. The attitude of the consumer to the goods
An estimation of conformity of an existing product to requirements of the market
Revealing of empty niches. Definition of potential interest in the goods or service, readiness of the consumer for purchase of a product
Definition of frequency of purchases of the goods or using service
The analysis of motives of decision-making on purchase
An estimation of the attitude to new concepts
Definition of unsatisfied needs


Definition of the basic segments the consumers based on demography, behaviour or needs
The description of a portrait of the consumers
Studying of style of a life of consumers and their behavioural motives

Efficiency of promotion

An estimation of efficiency of an advertising campaign and other communication channels
Testing of advertising rollers
Monitoring of POS materials
Definition of a degree of perception of visual images

Influence of a brand

An estimation of awareness on a brand
Monitoring of parameters of a condition of a brand
Definition of the best packing for the Product
Carrying out of the BTL actions

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